Join Petit Pas

Joining the association Petits Pas promotes free and autonomous learning both our communities of children and adults. It is based on trust and mutual respect with regards to our environment on a global scale.

By joining for 15 euros a year, you become a sympathizing member of Petits Pas.You have access to the Annual General Meeting and have the right to vote.

Anyone can be part of the association as a sympathizing member. The association is open to all, without condition or distinction of any kind.

To further engage in the association, a sympathizing member may become an active member if co-opted by the annual general meeting. Active members are part of the collective and commit themselves to contribute directly to the actions of the association with a defined role and status.

Do an immersion

The association Petits Pas offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the values ​​and the running of the school by sharing a week in the heart of the life of a collective of more than 65 people. This experience offers a concrete overview of the functioning of a democratic school (Circle of Justice, School Council, vote zero objection, None Violent Communication ...), the functioning of the educational team, relationship with the parents, daily life ...

The volunteer is an observer at the Circles of Justice and the School Council but evolves freely within the school like any other member, with his or her desires, whilst following the regulations and the values ​​of the school. This is a good way to discover democratic education for project leaders.

We are asking for a 200 Euro participation for a week of immersion, which we consider an opportunity for learning and discovery. Please contact us with this contact form

Become a volunteer

If you want to volunteer it is also possible! There is no obligation to keep to a schedule: between 2 to 20 hours a week...

You can choose to propose a themed intervention to the members within the framework of a club or a course (for example in 2017-2018, the school welcomed volunteers in biology, pottery, herpetology, ecology ...), which will be validated during a School Council meeting.

You can also come and help out without a specific proposal and simply offer your availability.

Each volunteering proposal is reviewed by a team member and validated by all adult and child members of the school, this comes after a two-week trial period.

To send us your application, please contact us with this contact form