The Petits Pas association aims to:

  • Promote free, independant learning within groups of children and adults,, from the age of 5, based on trust and mutual respect and in a global way also respecting our environment;
  • Develop social and ecological entrepreneurs, hip by bringing sustainable and local development to the Couserans area;
  • Contribute to enriching cultural and social life in the Couserans region.

Via these 3 aspects:




École Pleine Nature is a democratic school, allowing children to make their own choices concerning their learning and all other areas of life, in an environment that is adapted and conducive to respect human beings and nature.
Events: We are planning to hold an eco-festival yearly (music and contemporary arts), and monthly events around education, the environment, and social, ecological and economic development (film-debates, themed meals, evening events- conferences etc.).
La Fabrique: is a place where artisans, entrepreneurs and associations are tenants who rent a space and where they can manufacture, offer their services and products; a place that includes a community café and a local grocery shop;