Louise Barnard

Staff member

Her motivation in a few words:

“I joined the Petits Pas team because I like the idea of being able to offer my children and other children living here the opportunity to be democratically educated and to be” free to learn. The more I read and understood this method, the more it made sense to me”.

I watched my children who had a natural curiosity and thirsty for knowledge. I had not seen this enthusiasm fostered or encouraged in the traditional school system.

I find the larger picture/ the vision of the association Petits Pas incredibly inspiring; The construction of a community network around the school will have a very positive impact, socially and economically in the region.

I came to the Ariège in 2015 with my family to seek a more peaceful slower pace of life, to be more in touch with the natural world and to be surrounded by all the wonderful things we have here in the Ariège.”

Some skills related to the project:

  • running a catering company,
  • teaching families and children essential skills in nutrition and cooking,
  • teacher of English,
  • interest in permaculture,
  • NVC.

Her motivation in a few words:

“It’s been 18 years since I started working with children, and as a facilitator, then a special educator, I learned a lot and still learn.

I am also a mom, and this is another experience that drives and fuels my exploration of education. Because it awakens my desire to connect as close to the nature of the child. Without connecting with each other, there is no relationship, and therefore no education. The CNV is a tool that excites me because it has the red thread, this desire to always connect to the other.

Nature, and especially the mountain, is a resource for me. She, too, connects me to the living.

Today, to invest myself in a democratic school, on a place of full nature is a stopping point on my path of education. From now on, what seems to me the most accurate is: to accompany the child to find a place where to develop his spontaneous nature in the face of learning; to respond to the needs of a society which needs to relate with respect, to the specificity and competence of each one (children and adults), to live in peace. It is time for me to live in society with a childhood and intergenerational joyful, fulfilled, peaceful and creative.

Emilie Clozier - Libercé

Staff member

Some skills related to the project:

  • working with outside agencies in a multidisciplinary team (teacher within the French national education system, psychologist, mountain guide, speech therapist, etc…),
  • outdoor assistant in physical group activities,
  • NVC.

Her motivation in a few words:

“After more than 10 years of work experience in humanitarian development, around access to water, sanitation and hygiene for vulnerable populations, I moved in 2015 in the Couserans.

The discovery of this area of natural beauty and the people who live in it leads me to ask questions about its preservation, its development and that of its childrenIn parallel, my own children pose me daily questions about education, personal commitment, family, relationship to time and helping people.

Today, I am happy to empower them and let them explore this democratic eco-school project!”

Claire Gaillardou - De Caluwe

Some skills that I bring to the project:

  • geographer specialised in sustainable development,
  • project management and coordination,
  • social and cultural Instructor of young people, adults, people with social, emotional and physical disabilities),
  • secondary school and engineering school,
  • NVC,
  • in training using the Montessori method

Her motivation in a few words:

“First and foremost, I am a mother. I am committed to my family, my neighbors, my community, my planet. I am passionate about None violent Communication.

I have more than 20 years of experience in organizing musical events. I have been a producer of festivals, music tours and concerts for audiences of 10 to more than 100,000 people worldwide.

I hope that together we have a positive impact of change for our planet, while at the same time making us happy.”

Some skills related to the project:

  • networking,
  • public relations,
  • teaching languages,
  • NVC,
  • events,
  • creative solutions,
  • expert in ideas !

His motivation in a few words :

My wife and I moved to France from England in 2016 with a desire to live close to the land, grow our own vegetables and see our young daughter breathing fresh air and playing joyfully.

I have been teaching art and music for 26 years (10 years in schools). I am passionate about providing opportunities for people to be creative.

Facilitating the well-being and learning opportunities of children in a Democratic School setting is the most rewarding responsibility I have had so far.

It seems serendipitous that I came across this beautiful part of France and met a fantastic team of people who share the same passion for nurturing the inherent curiosity of children. 

Robin Spencer

Staff member and secondary director

Some skills related to the project:

  • Trained to differentiate when teaching children with special educational needs.,
  • 10 years as a Form Tutor giving,
  • Trained teacher of Illustration, Painting and Drawing, Printing, Pottery Photography, Adobe Photoshop,
  • Tutor of students aged 11-18 doing Independent Personal Projects for external exams,
  • Teacher of Piano, Guitar, Ukulele. Music theory, composition, music software.